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More than 100 eCom projects completed, 50+ Shopify store developed and $100M+ revenue of our clients in 2022.


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<aside> ✅ Conversion Rate Optimization is a set of activities focused on increasing Conversion Rate. Based on our experience of 100+ projects, it’s an activity with highest ROI for eCommerce


Boost your Shopify Conversion Rate:



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Get insights from $1-100M brands, learn from lessons already paid by them

Get insights from $1-100M brands, learn from lessons already paid by them


OneWith - swimwear brand, US

Mjewelry - luxury jewelry distributor, US

Thorum - shadow CRO & AOV audit for men jewellery brand, US

Our approach:

  1. CRO & AOV Audit
    1. Product & Competitor Analysis - dive into understanding product, customer and competitor landscape
    2. Data Collection - from Shopify to Hotjar, digging insights from historical data
    3. CJM & Behaviour Analysis - deep dive into your customer’s journey from the first touchpoint with brand to the checkout
    4. Traffic Analysis - what are sources and channels that are used in acquisition
    5. Tech & user friendliness - is everything works smoothly for everyone?
    6. Recommendations & Priorities - roadmap to fix, improve and test hypotheses (both CRO and AOV)
  2. A/B testing setup
  3. Hypotheses & Recommendation Implementation
  4. **Monthly Support & Performance Analysis**